The yellow liqueur Chartreuse jaune 43% alc. Was also created by the monks of the Chartreux Order historically later than the green. In 1838 Brother Bruno Jacquet created the new recipe, an authentic yellow color achieved by the same method without artificial coloring thanks to his unique recipe of over 130 alpine herbs and plants.

The yellow Chartreuse recipe consists of the same 130 types of herbs, but mixed in different proportions, from which come the different color and taste of the drink.

How it is consumed
Yellow liqueur is distinguished by its aroma of honey and flowers, a little sweeter and softer in taste, as well as a lower alcoholic degree. From 2019, the alcoholic strength of Yellow Chartreuse was raised to 43%. This liqueur is perfectly combined with green, some of the more famous recipes are: 2 parts yellow + one part green liquor with ice, also one part yellow liqueur + 4 parts champagne. Yellow Chartreuse is used in a variety of pastries and desserts.

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